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November 2009

The face of urban India changing with smaller cities
November 15, 2009.
Abstract: India's urban landscape is changing fast as smaller cities have begun to stake a claim to a bigger piece of the pie. Read More

Commonwealth Games: showcasing lack of vision
09 November 09 / Mint
Abstract: Last week the government did what most people had predicted would eventually happen. Tired of the bickering and worried that the country would end up with egg on its face, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh took charge of the preparations for the 2010 Commonwealth Games (CWG). Read More

A Pits-burgh in Delhi
10 November 09 / Hindustan Times
Abstract: The fastest road to develop high blood pressure whizzes through Dhaula Kuan along National Highway 8. At least that’s one way it speeds you up. Read More

3 dreaded alphabets
11 November 09 / Hindustan Times
Abstract: Till two years ago, the Josip Broz Tito Marg in south Delhi offered a smooth, almost signal-free ride to commuters. Then the Bus Rapid Transit struck. The rest, as they say, is hurt-story. Today, driving between Ambedkar Nagar and Moolchand makes you wish they marketed patience in a pill. Read More

Grounded by traffic at flyover central
08 November 09 / Hindustan Times
Abstract: Traffic vaults over four flyovers along this well-endowed stretch and dips gracefully with one underpass: you would think life in the seven-km-long lane is a zip-through.
Think more like a crawl-along. At peak hour, it takes more than an hour to go from Ashram crossing to Safdarjung Hospital along the Ring Road in south Delhi - one of Delhi’s most congested stretches. Read More


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