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September 2009

Every 2nd Person In Mumbai Resides In Slum: UNDP Report
04 September 09 | Hindustan Times
India’s financial capital which houses the maximum number of slum dwellers in the country has one in two persons residing in a slum, as per a Human Development Report compiled by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Read More

Very Smart Cities
03 September 09 | Forbes
John B. Hynes III got the jitters when he first spied the mudflats of Songdo, South Korea, in June 2001. How would he transform the expanse of muck into a smart urban center with an integrated network of utility, transportation, real estate and recreation systems? Read More

Mumbai Named Among 'World Capitals Of The Future'
03 September 09 | Business Standard
Abstract: India's financial hub Mumbai is emerging as one of the "world capitals of the future", with an expanding industrial base, the world's largest movie industry and a burgeoning middle class making the city globally prominent, a latest study has said. Read More

Best U.S. Cities To Earn A Living
03 September 09 | Forbes
Abstract: For the exasperated job-seeker to whom employment opportunities seem bleaker than ever, salvation may lie in the Lone Star State. Texas, home to dozens of energy heavyweights and nearly as many innovative small companies, has three of the best cities to earn a living: Dallas, Houston and Austin. Read More

What Makes A City World-Class?
03 September 09 | Forbes
Abstract: Let's be honest: There are some cities in the world that are worse--much worse--than others, cities from which a multitude would flee if offered half a chance to relocate elsewhere. Read More

Will An Ancient City Go Dry?
02 September 09 | Forbes
Abstract: Yemen's Sanaa gets help from a mustachioed rain drop. Read More

Rocking Karachi
02 September 09 | Forbes
What you never knew about the largest city in Pakistan. Read More

World Capitals Of The Future
02 September 09 | Forbes
Abstract: For most of those which were great once are small today; And those that used to be small were great in my own time. Knowing, therefore, that human prosperity never abides in the same place, I shall pay attention to both alike --Herodotus, Fifth Century B.C. Read More

IOC releases report on 4 bid cites for 2016
02 September 09 | Forbes
Abstract: All four cities bidding for the 2016 Summer Games have received a mix of praise and criticism in a report by the International Olympic Committee. Read More

A Humane Afghan City?
02 September 09 | Forbes
Abstract: For the cities of Afghanistan, the 21st century may be the road to dystopia. Like many million-plus cities of the Islamic world, Kabul, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kandahar, and to a lesser extent, Herat, have already joined the worst of East and West, traditional and modern. Read More

The World's Happiest Cities
02 September 09 | Forbes
Abstract: Ten urban centers closely associated with unmitigated joy. Read More

A City In The Air
02 September 09 | Forbes
Abstract: Hong Kong is no place for pedestrians. Read More

Mumbai's Business As Usual
02 September 09 | Forbes
Abstract: Nine months after the Nov. 26, 2008, terrorist attack on Mumbai, few aftereffects are visible. You encounter enhanced security checks at luxury hotels. Read More

A No-Impact City?
02 September 09 | Forbes
Abstract: Masdar may be the world's most ambitious experiment in sustainable development. Read More


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