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June 2009

Climate Change Plan Awaits 'Nuts And Bolts'
30 June 09 | Business Standard | By Vandana Gombar
Abstract: A year after the country’s ambitious National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) was unveiled by the prime minister, its nuts and bolts are yet to be finalised. Read More

'India Would Like to See an Equitable Outcome at Copenhagen'
30 June 09 | Business Standard
India is looking at commitments on emission reduction by the developed countries as well as financial support for the developing countries to adopt fresh strategies to mitigate the impact of climate change, Prime Minister’s special envoy on climate change Shyam Saran tells Vandana Gombar in an e-mail interview. Read More

Cops in Mega Cities to Get Helicopters, Says Chidambaram
30 June 09 | The Indian Express
Police forces in mega cities will be provided with helicopters like in New York and London and other big cities of the world, Home Minister P Chidambaram said in Mumbai on Tuesday. Read More

India: The Sum of its Parts
30 June 09 | Mint
Abstract: As the World Bank’s recent report shows, state governments shouldn’t forget that they are responsible for development in their backyards. Read More

Reforms Can Make India a Better Investment Destination: WB
30 June 09 |
Abstract: India could top the list of business destinations among BRIC nations, if best practices and regulations followed by some cities are implemented by others, a report by World Bank said on Tuesday. Read More

Urban Retrofits: How to Make a City Green -- Without Tearing it Down
28 June 09 | The Boston Globe | By Michael Fitzgerald
Abstract: As the world warms, it’s also getting more urban - more than half the world’s population now lives in and around cities. So when it comes to sustainable living, cities pose a growing challenge. Read More

India Plans to Spread CNG Network to 200 Cities by 2015
27 June 09 | The Economic Times
Cooking gas connections for 75 percent of the population, CNG network expansion to 200 cities, SMS booking for gas cylinders and biometric cards for kerosene users are some of the elements of the petroleum ministry's vision paper for 2015. Read More

Secret Parks and Forgotten Ruins
27 June 09 | | By Sam Miller
Abstract: As Delhi prepares for the Commonwealth Games in 2010, former BBC South Asia correspondent Sam Miller finds how the ancient city is changing at breathtaking speed. Read More

Postcard from Heritage Cities: Wish You Were Here
21 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: Historical monuments exist in almost every Indian town but not a single Indian city can boast of world heritage status. Yet, Italy, a sliver of a country less than one-tenth the size of India, has nearly 25 'world heritage' cities. Things could change for the better. Read More

118 Cities to Get New Buses With Govt Help
30 June 09 | The Indian Express
With an aim to spruce up urban transport services and at the same time provide a stimulus to the economy, the government will provide assistance to 118 cities in acquiring a new fleet for their bus transport systems. Read More

Common Helpline Number for Cities
30 June 09 | The Indian Express
In a unique step, the government has announced the launching of a helpline service for the public transport system for 118 cities under which the buses, whose purchase is funded by the centre, will be run by state governments or civic bodies. Read More

Work on Chennai, Mumbai Metro Rail Networks to be Launched Soon
30 June 09 | The Hindu
Work on the Chennai metro (45 km at a cost of Rs. 14,600 crore) and the Mumbai Metro Line 2 from Charkop to Mankhurd via Bandra (32 km at a cost of Rs. 7,660 crore) would be formally launched now. Read More

DDA Plans Housing Bonanza for Capital
30 June 09 | The Indian Express
With the population of Delhi rising by the day, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is getting ready to meet the skyrocketing demand for housing. Read More

Reddy Seeks Rs 100,000 Cr to Develop 28 Cities
30 June 09 |
The Urban Development Ministry has sought an extra Rs 50,000 crore to include 28 more cities under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), a central government initiative to promote planned development of cities. Read More

Plan Panel Nod for Kochi Metro Rail
30 June 09 | The Indian Express
A bouquet of achievements awaits Kerala with the longawaited Kochi Metro Rail Project close to being realised and Kozhikode set to be included in the expanded Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) project. Read More

Transport Tops 100-Day Urban Renewal Plan
30 June 09 | Hindustan Times
Days after human resources development minister Kapil Sibal promised a massive course correction in education sector, his colleague S. Jaipal Reddy, the Urban Development Minister, on Monday came out with his 100-day agenda for urban India. Read More

28 More Cities to be Brought Under Urban Development Scheme
29 June 09 | Hindustan Times
The urban development ministry has sought an extra Rs 50, 000 crore to include 28 more cities under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), a central government initiative to promote planned development of cities. Read More

MUD Sets 100 Days Agenda
29 June 09 | Mint
Housing for the poor, getting more funds and adding more cities to the central government funded urban renewal program are among the proposals that the ministry of urban development proposes to tackle in the first hundred days. Read More

Govt Plans Rs 1 Lakh-Cr Urban Renewal Mission
29 June 09 | The Economic Times
In a bid to accelerate growth in urban infrastructure, the government is considering to launch a new version of its infrastructural initiative Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) with an allocation amounting to Rs 1,00,000 crore, twice the amount meant for JNNURM phase-I. Read More

Jaipal Keeps it Simple
29 June 09 | The Telegraph
Everyday features such as buses, trains and traffic snarls came into focus as Jaipal Reddy unveiled his urban development ministry’s 100-day agenda today. Read More

DDA to Construct 40,000 Houses on Priority Basis
29 June 09 |
In order to meet acute shortage of houses for urban poor in Delhi, construction of 40,000 houses will be taken up by the DDA on a priority basis. Read More

India Urban Devt Min Seeks Nil Excise Tax on Public Buses
29 June 09 |
India's federal urban development ministry has sought removal of excise tax on buses made for public transport services, the urban development minister said Monday. Read More

US SUV Ban May Light Up Lives
29 June 09 | The Times of India
Phasing out the oversized, power-packed SUVs, considered the hallmark of a Midwestern dream in the US, would reduce global emissions by a whopping 36 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, according to the World Bank's yet-to-be-released World Development Report 2009. Read More

Home Loan Prop for the Poor
29 June 09 | The Telegraph
The government is planning a Rs 15,000-crore housing mortgage guarantee fund to cover home loans given to the urban poor. Read More

DLF, Unitech Plan to Put Mumbai Projects on Track
29 June 09 | The Economic Times
Mumbai seems to be the next destination for India’s biggest realty companies, Unitech and DLF, to try and restart some of their projects which were put on the backburner. Both these companies have been in the midst of overcoming some serious liquidity problems that they were confronted with. Read More

Emaar Merger to Lift Realty Market
29 June 09 | The Economic Times
The Dubai developer behind the world’s tallest building plans to merge with three rivals owned by the sheikdom’s ruler, in a consolidation aimed at better coping with a global meltdown fuelled weakness in the one-time Arab boomtown’s real estate sector. Read More

Betraying the Planet
28 June 09 | The New York Times | By Paul Krugman
The fact is that the planet is changing faster than even pessimists expected: ice caps are shrinking, arid zones spreading, at a terrifying rate. And according to a number of recent studies, catastrophe — a rise in temperature so large as to be almost unthinkable — can no longer be considered a mere possibility. It is, instead, the most likely outcome if we continue along our present course. Read More

The Dirty War Against Clean Coal
28 June 09 | The New York Times | By Gregg Easterbrook
While President Obama’s cap-and-trade proposal to reduce greenhouse gases has been the big topic of recent environmental debate, the White House has also been pushing a futuristic federal project to build a power plant that burns coal without any greenhouse gases. Sounds great, right? Except the idea is a rehash of a proposal that went bust the first time around. Read More

A Funding Roadblock Ahead for Clean Energy
28 June 09 | The New York Times | By Kate Galbraith
A landmark climate bill that narrowly passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday would cap greenhouse gas emissions across the United States for the first time and also create a national target for renewable energy production. Read More

High-Rise Homes May Rise Over Riverfront
28 June 09 | DNA
Several Ahmedabad-based developers are looking forward to building apartment buildings as tall as skyscrapers on the stretch of the Sabarmati riverfront being developed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). The civic body intends to auction some of the riverfront land for construction of residential property. Read More

Housing Sector Sees a Silver Lining, Sales Up 25%
28 June 09 | The Economic Times
Activity levels are gaining traction in the near moribund housing market as a flurry of interest rate cuts, price drops and the building industry's focus on affordable housing start to lure buyers back into the market. Read More

Most of India Will Live in Cities in Next 30 Years, Says Expert
28 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: Looking at replicating a Singapore or a new Shanghai model of development is not the way forward for Chennai or any other city, according to Jeb Brugmann, Canadian expert on urbanization. Read More

The Earthship is Here
28 June 09 | DNA
The Earthship is a 1,200 sq ft project. It will be a fully integrated house with no connection whatsoever to civic amenities, except the road leading to it. Electricity to the house will be supplied through solar panels, water will be tapped through rainwater harvesting, and the house itself has water planters to grow plants, making it, in Leeor's words, "freely self-sufficient". Read More

Obama Opposes Trade Sanctions in Climate Bill
28 June 09 | The New York Times
President Obama on Sunday praised the energy bill passed by the House late last week as an “extraordinary first step,” but he spoke out against a provision that would impose trade penalties on countries that do not accept limits on global warming pollution. Read More

JNNURM Asks Civic Body to Rework Urban Mobility Plan for Robs
27 June 09 | The Indian Express
The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) officials in Delhi have asked the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) to furnish a Comprehensive Urban Mobility Plan before seeking further funds for Rail Over Bridges (ROBs). Read More

Explore Possibilities of Harnessing Solar Energy: J&K Govt
27 June 09 | Hindustan Times
Jammu and Kashmir government on Saturday asked the power department to explore possibilities of harnessing solar energy to provide electricity in rural areas. Read More

Watts Not Happening
27 June 09 | Businessworld
India’s peak power shortage was around 11 per cent a few years ago. It is estimated to go up to around 13 per cent currently — despite all the reforms that have taken place. And this 13 per cent refers to the gap between the peak power demand from consumers who have access to electricity and the generating capacity. Read More

Kutch to Become Solar Energy Hub, Says Modi
26 June 09 | DNA
Chief minister Narendra Modi plans to turn Kutch district into solar energy hub of the country as the area witnesses bright sunshine for the larger part of the year. Read More

Is it Low-Cost or Just Affordable Housing?
26 June 09 | The Economic Times
Affordable housing has been in the picture for the past few months since recession hit the economy . Developers who were busy profiting from high-end and luxury projects, were suddenly struck by a liquidity crunch when they realised that the global economy has come crashing down. That is when the concept of affordable housing came into being in India. Till some time ago, it was hard for the common man to buy a home for himself. Today , it probably cannot be said that it is easy, but there certainly is hope for the many. Read More

Small Town, Big Return in Realty
26 June 09 | The Economic Times
For three years, Sunil Negi, a banker, has been trying to fulfill his long cherished dream of purchasing a house of his own, either in Delhi or in Bhopal, the city of where his in-laws reside. But his budget of Rs 25 lakh was not enough to fulfill his dream. But he looked beyond these two cities to make his dream come true. Negi finally zeroed in on a property in Rudrapur, a small town in Uttarakhand . In the process, he has become one of the many buyers who are purchasing houses in smaller cities. Read More

Pimpri-Chinchwad, Surat Lead in JNNURM Projects
26 June 09 | The Times of India
Pimpri-Chinchwad and Surat are currently leading in the implementation of projects under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), said PCMC commissioner Ashish Sharma. Read More

India Seeks More Talks on Contentious Climate Draft
26 June 09 |
Indian negotiators have played down a proposal for major economies to consider setting a goal of halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, saying there were contentious ideas in the draft on the cuts needed. Read More

Unitech to Raise $200 M For Low-Cost Housing
26 June 09 | The Hindu Business Line
Abstract: The realty firm, Unitech, is likely to raise $200 million (nearly Rs 1,000 crore) within the next three months by selling stake in its affordable housing projects to private equity players. Read More

National Housing Bank to Borrow 90 Billion Rupees
25 June 09 | The Wall Street Journal
India's National Housing Bank, or NHB, plans to borrow 90 billion rupees ($1.86 billion) in the financial year beginning July to help fund rising demand for homes in Asia's third-largest economy, its executive director said Thursday. Read More

India's Residential Sector Likely to See Oversupply – Crisil
25 June 09 |
India's realty companies will struggle to find buyers for about a fourth of their residential space between 2009 and 2011, the research arm of rating agency Crisil said in a report on Wednesday. Read More

IGBC Embarks on Mission 'Green Building' in Gujarat
25 June 09 | DNA
The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) at Gujarat along with seven other organisations have join hands to work towards making the state more greener. The allied group will hold a seminar at Karnavati club on Saturday to clear the myth from minds of people that 'green buildings' are costly affairs, as well as to impact a change towards green living. Read More

Microsoft Launches Home Energy Monitoring Tool
25 June 09 | AFP
US software giant Microsoft launched a free online home energy monitoring tool on Wednesday that allows consumers to gauge their usage and reduce consumption. Read More

Crisil Sees House Market Recovery in 2010
25 June 09 | The Hindu Business Line
Demand in the Indian residential market is expected to turn positive in 2010 due to improvement in affordability, steady economic growth and greater liquidity, says a Crisil research report on the real estate sector. Read More

Residential Property Poised to Lead India Rebound
25 June 09 |
Residential real estate will lead the recovery of India's wounded property market in 2010 thanks to accelerating economic growth, lower interest rates and improved liquidity, Indian ratings and research agency CRISIL said Wednesday. Read More

Residential Property Prices to Fall 8-10% More in 2009
24 June 09 | The Economic Times
Despite popular belief, residential property prices are expected to fall by another 8-10% in 2009 till they stabilise in 2010. Residential property rates declined by 18-20 per cent in March this year, from the highs in the first half of 2008. Despite this drop, homebuyers adopted a 'wait and watch' policy, and this trend is likely to continue through 2009, as per the latest report by CRISIL Research. Read More

Asia Developers Upbeat As Home Sales Rebound
24 June 09 | The Economic Times
Asian property firms are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel and several are positioning for an upturn even as the world economy struggles to recover from its worst recession in decades. Read More

A 3-D View of Urban Development
24 June 09 | The Times of India
A public discussion was held on the World Development Report 2009 on Tuesday, moderated by Janaagraha. Though the participants were appreciative of the suggestions and observations of the report, they felt reshaping the economic geography needs to look beyond just the three Ds. Socio-economic, political and environment conditions too need to be considered, they opined. Read More

‘Affordable Housing is a Misnomer’
24 June 09 | The Times of India
Suddenly, affordable housing is the buzzword in India's real estate sector. Almost every developer who got hit badly in last year's market meltdown is talking of getting into this segment that involves putting up houses for the masses. Read More

A Coordinated Policy Needed
24 June 09 | The Hindu
After six years of campaign and persuasion, the Government of India published its first National Policy on Urban Street Vendors in 2004. Even before that policy could be fully tested, a new policy has been unveiled by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation. Despite providing a multitude of affordable services to the city, street vending unfortunately remains “an uncertain form of entrepreneurship.” Read More

ADB President: Taking on Climate Change
23 June 09 | Mint
: Despite record economic growth, developing countries in Asia need to improve their environmental report card. Read More

Where's the world's plan of action against climate change?
23 June 09 | The Guardian | By R.K Pachauri
Today, international action on climate change is urgent and essential. Indeed, there can no longer be any debate about the need to act, because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), of which I am chairman, has established climate change as an unequivocal reality beyond scientific doubt. Read More

Central Assistance Comes in Handy For 2010 Projects
23 June 09 | The Times of India
To push the completion of all Commonwealth Games related projects in the capital, Delhi government allocated Rs 2,105 crore for the financial year 2009-2010. Presenting the budget, Delhi finance minister Dr A K Walia said that this will include Rs 1,000 crore additional central assistance from the Union government. Read More

Eye on Games, Public Transport Gets Boost
23 June 09 | The Times of India
With Commonwealth Games a little more than a year away, improving transportation facilities continued to be high on the government's agenda. Monday's budget was indicative of it with a whopping 31% of the total outlay, Rs 3,069 crore, allocated to this sector. Though no new projects were announced, the money was to be used to fund ongoing schemes like construction of Delhi Metro, procurement of 2,500 new DTC buses and building new flyovers, underpasses and rail overbridges. Read More

Green Buildings May Define New Status Quotient
22 June 09 | The Economic Times
Abstract: This could well be the next status symbol in offing. If until now your address in upmarket locales of Nepean Sea Road or Greater Kailash gave you a sense of pride, then think again. Read More

Beta Cities - on the Threshold
22 June 09 | Mint
India’s tier II cities have benefited to a large extent from the boom of the past few years but need to get their act together to draw investment and attention away from the tier I cities. Read More

India Pays Penalty for Not Utilising Loans from Lending Agencies
22 June 09 | The Times of India
While India is negotiating more loans from the World Bank to fund infrastructure development and to upgrade urban transport, an internal assessment of the finance ministry has revealed that many of its past projects are running far behind schedule to the extent that the government has been paying commitment charges of several hundred crores every year. Read More

Delhi’s Masterplan at Risk
22 June 09 | Mint
Although the Masterplan 2021 has lofty plans for making Delhi a world-class city, some experts say the probabilities of reaching the goals look dismal. Read More

AMC May Land in Legal Trouble for Recent Demolition Drive
22 June 09 | The Indian Express
The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) may soon land in a soup for its recent demolition drive targeting hutments in slums. Legal experts have expressed their resentment against the drive, saying this was contempt of a Supreme Court order given in January this year. Read More

HUDA Initiates Ashiana Flats Allotment
22 June 09 | The Times of India
With Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) initiating the process for allotment of Ashiana flats, two-decade-long wait for residents of slum colonies is finally over. Read More

HMDA Plans Study to Sort Out Traffic Mess
22 June 09 | The Indian Express
A comprehensive transportation study for the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region (HMR) is on the anvil. The rapid growth of Greater Hyderabad has necessitated such a study. Read More

World Heritage City Status Still a Dream for Delhi
22 June 09 | The Indian Express
As the World Heritage Committee of the UNESCO meets for its 33rd session at Seville in Spain to declare the World Heritage Sites for the year, India may once again miss out on having a city of the list. Read More

Bid to Launch Renewable Energy Certificates Under Way
22 June 09 | The Financial Express
The forum of power regulators (For) has kicked off an exercise for introduction of renewable energy certificates to promote renewable energy generation. Read More

Major Polluters Meet in Mexico on Climate Challenge
22 June 09 | AFP
Environment ministers from the world's largest polluters, including the United States and China, meet on Monday in Mexico under a US bid to speed up work towards a key United Nations climate accord. Read More

Army Proposes Special Units to Fight Urban Terrorism
21 June 09 |
Setting up of specialised Army units to deal with urban terrorism has been proposed after an assessment of the lessons learned during the operations against terrorists who struck in Mumbai on November 26. Read More

Rs320 Crore Booster Shot for City Health
21 June 09 | DNA
The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) plans to set up 57 sub-urban and 17 community health centres, along with child development centres, in different areas of the city. Rs320 crore has been earmarked for the creation of these facilities. The civic body at present operates 57 urban health centres in the city. These are equipped with medical officers, doctors, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, multipurpose health workers and link workers. Read More

Special Army Units to Fight Urban Terror
21 June 09 | The Times of India
Setting up of specialised Army units to deal with urban terrorism has been proposed after an assessment of the lessons learned during the operations against terrorists who struck in Mumbai on November 26. Read More

Chinese Cities Streets Ahead of Ours
20 June 09 | The Economic Times | By Kala Seetharam Sridhar
Many scholars and academics say that India and China are two large economies of the world which are comparable in many ways — both are countries with a billion-plus population and large land area. In addition, the shares of GDP by sector are also similar, with agriculture contributing to 23% of GDP in the case of India, slightly less in China at 15%. While manufacturing contributes a greater proportion of China’s GDP (52%), services contribute a much higher proportion of India’s GDP (at 53%). So there are many similarities and symmetries between the two large economies. However, the comparison ends there. Read More

The State of Cities
20 June 09 | The Indian Express | By K.C Sivaramakrishnan
For more than three decades the urban areas of this country have been under-represented in the Lok Sabha and state legislatures because of the freeze on delimitation of constituencies imposed in 1972. Now, after delimitation and the recent elections, the picture has changed. Read More

Centre Keen to Help TN Set-Up Windmills Along Coast
20 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: The Centre will extend all support to the state government to set up windmills along the coastline for power generation, Union minister for new and renewable energy Farooq Abdullah has said. Read More

Let Us Maximise Use of Renewable Energy: Farooq
20 June 09 | The Hindu
The new power-generation based incentives planned for the renewable energy sector will not phase out the existing accelerated depreciation incentives, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah said here on Friday. Read More

Keep Out Pvt Players, Go by JNNURM Rules, State Tells PMPML
19 June 09 | The Indian Express
The ongoing controversy over the purchase of Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) buses will finally see an end as the Urban Development Department of the state government has ruled out the possibility of bus purchases by a private player. It has also urged the PMPML administration to speed up the purchases which are to be made under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM). Read More

Tilling the Urban Soil
18 June 09 | Mint | By Rohini Nilekani
I read recently that there are an estimated 800 million people employed in tilling urban and peri-urban soil the world over. And as planners, citizens, and conscious consumers recreate and reshape the idea of the city, many innovative practices are being deployed to use every available space, from municipal vacant lots to spaces along drains, and of course rooftops and terraces to grow a bit of low-cost nutrition. Read More

Wary of Acquiring Land, CPM Halts JNNURM Projects
18 June 09 | The Indian Express
The CPM’s discomfort with land acquisition after facing an electoral reverse in the Lok Sabha elections has forced it to ask the Left Front-run board of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to put a pause on the Rs 500-crore slum development projects. Read More

UD Ministry Pitches for JNNURM-II to Change Small Towns
18 June 09 | The Times of India
There is a ray of hope for small towns. They may soon be able to get access to central funds for building and upgrading the crumbling urban infrastructure under UPA's flagship scheme Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM). Read More

Australia Delays Renewable Energy Laws to August
18 June 09 I
Australian laws to promote up to $22 billion of renewable energy investment were postponed until August on Thursday, angering the industry and government, which is struggling to pass its climate change agenda. Read More

Govt to Set- up Water Management Committees
18 June 09 I The Times of India
In order to tackle acute shortage of water and manage the available one in a pooled manner, the government has decided to set up water management committees at gram panchayat level all over the state. Read More

4 Transport Officials to Face Action
18 June 09 I The Indian Express
Transport Minister R Ashok has directed the principal secretary to the transport department to initiate action against four officials, including a former managing director of North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC), in connection with the misappropriation of funds to the tune of Rs 200 crore during 2004-2008. Read More

Get Set for More Water Cuts if it Does Not Rain Soon
18 June 09 I The Times of India
There is more bad news for the city which is already facing a 10% water cut. More water cuts seem imminent if it does not rain by the end of the week as the dipping lake levels have become a cause for concern. Read More

PCMC to Conduct Energy Audit
18 June 09 I The Times of India
The Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) will undertake an energy audit of the water supply and drainage department. Read More

Politics May Regularise Pre-2000 Slums
18 June 09 I The Times of India
While city urban planners as well as slum activists said any move to extend the slum cut-off to 2000 would help the poor, they were also critical of the manner in which the government is reportedly planning to bring in the proposal. Read More

Stress for Urban Transport
18 June 09 I The Indian Express
Secretary to the union ministry of urban development M Ramachandran, has said that there is an urgent need to manage urban transport in a more efficient and sustainable manner. Read More

WB to Provide $5 Bn Loan for Urban Development
18 June 09 I Business Standard
Evincing interest to participate in India’s urban development process, multilateral lending agency World Bank has initiated a dialogue with the urban development ministry to provide a loan assistance of $5 billion to develop Indian cities, a top official said. Read More

Bye-Bye to Bypasses
17 June 09 | Mint | By Ramesh Ramanathan
In India, most major cities are undertaking ring road projects on their own, resulting in challenges on many fronts: inadequate funding, since city finances are so hobbled; poor or incomplete design, since they are not integrated with the highway network in an efficient way; and weak tendering and contracting procedures. Read More

India’s Big Push for Solar Power (And Coal)
17 June 09 | The Wall Street Journal | By Keith Johnson
Like China, India is a populous country where energy demand is going to grow massively in coming years because per-capita energy use is going to grow. And like China, India is making a huge push in clean energy. The latest sunny patch? Solar power. Read More

Senate Panel Backs Renewable Power Rules, Drilling
17 June 09 I
A Senate energy panel approved legislation that would require utilities to get as much as 15 percent of their power from renewable sources and open more of the eastern Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling. Read More

ADB Aims at Doubling Clean Energy Investments in Asia
17 June 09 I Business Standard
In a bid to accelerate its energy efficiency initiatives, Asian Development Bank (ADB) is planning to double its clean energy investments in Asia to $2 billion a year.  Read More

New Hydrogen-Powered City Car Launched
17 June 09 I The Times of India
A new hydrogen-powered city car has been launched in the UK, which attempts to sidestep the three main hurdles to the dream of hydrogen-fuelled highways. Read More

Urban Devt Ministry Seeks Sops for Realty in Budget
17 June 09 I Reuters
India's urban development ministry has urged the finance minister to ensure interest rate on home loans remains between 6.5 percent and 7.5 percent to give a fillip to the realty sector, an official said on Wednesday. Read More

Urban Renewal Scheme May be Extended
17 June 09 | Hindustan Times
Urban Development Minister Jaipal Reddy met Finance Minster Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday seeking adequate budgetary support to fund urban development. Read More

Chouhan to Review Progress of JNNURM, Project Uday
17 June 09 | Business Standard
Expressing dissatisfaction at the slow pace of works being carried out under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) and the Project Uday at different major cities of the State, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that he would himself review the progress of these projects every month. Read More

Paris Voted World's Best City "Brand," Sydney Runner-Up
17 June 09 |
Sydney was voted the city with the friendliest people, the best quality of life, climate and views in a global survey, but was beaten to the top spot by Paris, which was seen as being more interesting. Read More

ADB Targets $2 billion Clean Energy Investment by 2013
17 June 09 |
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said on Wednesday it will up its investment in clean energy to $2 billion a year from 2013 to significantly dampen carbon growth and cut greenhouse gas emissions in the region. Read More

Minister Pitches for Cheaper Housing Loans
17 June 09 | Business Standard
In order to revive the demand in the real estate sector, Urban Development Minister Jaipal Reddy today favoured cheaper loans for buying houses. Read More

Nano Boost for Solar Power
16 June 09 | The Times of India
City scientists will soon be working on low-cost, super-efficient solar cells that have the potential to revolutionize power dynamics and usher in green electricity in a big way. Work on the project is expected to begin early next year and will be housed in an incubation laboratory at Calcutta University's technology campus in Salt Lake. Read More

G-77 Rift May Weaken Negotiating Stance
16 June 09 | Mint
New fissures in a group of developing countries could weaken its bargaining position in the global climate change talks that begin next month in Bonn. Read More

Germany to Fund Climate Change Project in NE
16 June 09 | The Economic Times
German development bank KfW will fund a Rs 500-crore joint venture project on climate change in Assam. The Indo-German project will also roll out of Meghalaya, Sikkim and Nagaland. Read More

Asia Set to Become Biggest Climate Change Driver
16 June 09 | Associated Press
Asia's share of global greenhouse gas emissions could rise to more than 40 percent by 2030, making it the world's main driver of climate change, experts warned Tuesday. Read More

World's Megacities Ripe for Megadisaster: UN
16 June 09 |
Some of the world's biggest cities, including Mumbai and New Delhi, are at growing risk of "megadisasters", the UN's humanitarian chief said on Tuesday, warning that climate change was behind a rising number of natural catastrophes. Read More

AMC Urban Housing for Poor Plan to be Replicated in Country
16 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: An Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) plan to build upto 20,000 houses for urban poor in the city is turning out to be a pilot project which will be replicated in other parts of the country as well. Read More

'Slowdown Lowers Spending Power of City'
16 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: The prevailing uncertainty with regard to general state of the economy has driven consumers here to become more conservative in their spending plans. These are findings of an extensive survey conducted by Boston Analytics for April 2009 across 15 Indian cities including Chandigarh. Read More

Guj Seeks Rs15K crore Aid for Urban Revamp
16 June 09 | DNA
Abstract: To give a major thrust to infrastructure development in urban Gujarat, the state government is planning to pump in around Rs15,000 crore, for which it has sought the Centre's aid. It has requested the Central government to increase the upper limit of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) of Gujarat and grant an additional of at least Rs15,000 crore in keeping with the development need of the state's urban sector. Read More

Solar Power Breakthrough in Bengal
16 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: An abandoned thermal power plant in Asansol has been converted into a mega solar power generating station - perhaps the only instance in the world where a high-carbon power unit has been replaced by a zero-carbon one. What's more, the 2-MW project marks the first time in India that a solar project has crossed the megawatt threshold and is poised to give a huge fillip to India's renewable energy ambitions. Read More

Wind Energy Industry Blows Strong
16 June 09 | The Indian Express
Abstract: India ranks fifth in the global power list with states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Rajasthan in production of undoubtedly, one of the best forms of renewable energy. Read More

Delhi Tops List in Crime Against Senior Citizens
16 June 09 | The Indian Express
Abstract: In some bad news for the elderly, the national capital tops a list of cities as far as crime against senior citizens is concerned. Read More

It's Not Easy to 'Walk On' in Mumbai
16 June 09 | DNA
Abstract: Mumbai may have its own skywalk, which no other Indian city can boast of, but it is by no means a pedestrian-friendly city. Read More

Indian Cities Should Make Space for Low-Cost Housing
15 June 09 | Mint
Abstract: In the next six years, urban India needs to build at least 10.5 million houses to meet the demand for housing that accompanies rising levels of urbanization. With the financial crisis bringing affordable housing back on the radar of promoters and builders, it is worthwhile to estimate the extent of unmet demand for low-cost houses. Read More

Affordable Houses May Come Up on Govt Land
15 June 09 | The Indian Express
Abstract: Grappling with high land prices that come in the way of providing affordable housing for millions in urban areas, the UPA government is now considering providing state-owned land to private players at a pre-determined price with certain riders. Read More

Karnataka Policy Draft Delayed
15 June 09 | The Indian Express
Abstract: India is being applauded for taking a bold step with its 'solar mission plan'. The state government, however, is yet to come up with its own draft renewable energy policy. The state government had earlier promised that the draft renewable energy policy would be released on January 1, 2009. It's been six months and there is no sign of the draft. Read More

Expressway Authority to be Set Up: Kamal Nath
14 June 09 | Hindustan Times
A separate authority will be constituted soon for expediting development of expressways, Road Transport and Highways Minister Kamal Nath said in New Delhi on Tuesday. Read More

Norway to Increase Renewable Energy Investment
14 June 09 | The Hindu Business Line
Abstract: Wanting to further its ties with India, Norway is planning to increase its investment in the country in the area of renewable energy, including solar and hydropower. Read More

Developed Countries Should Lead in Cutting Emissions: Pachauri
14 June 09 | The Hindu
Abstract: Developed countries, particularly the US, should take the lead in cutting emissions as they are mostly responsible for global warming, says environmentalist R K Pachauri who is "cautiously optimistic" about a consensus on combating climate change in the December Copenhagen summit. Read More

Used Cars Congesting India's Roads
14 June 09 |
Abstract: When Indian insurance executive K. Shankar shopped for a car, he was pleasantly surprised to discover he could buy a three-year-old SUV in near mint condition for just a bit more than a new hatchback. Read More

From Beijing, a Lesson for Delhi
14 June 09 | Hindustan Times
Abstract: As both capitals grapple with a 17 million-strong population each and the problem of how to keep it moving, the message from China is that badly planned ring roads create congestion if they don't allow easy access to public transport nodes. Read More

Walking the Tightrope
13 June 09 | The Hindustan Times
Not owing a car in Delhi could cost you life or a limb. In the Capital, which has the highest number of cars among all Indian cities, walking could be downright fatal, a new study has said. Read More

Abdullah Highlights the Importance of His Ministry
13 June 09 | DNA
Abstract: Highlighting the importance of alternative energy sources, Union Minister Farooq Abdullah has said that there would be a time when people will depend on solar and wind energy as the conventional forms of power generation were depleting. Read More

Traffic Restraint Plan was First Proposed 9 yrs Ago
12 June 09 | Hindustan Times
Abstract: The traffic restraint scheme, first mooted by a committee headed by former transport commissioner V M Lal, has been in cold storage for nine years. Read More

Climate Change Treaty, to go Beyond the Kyoto Protocol, is Expected by the Year's End
12 June 09 | The New York Times
Abstract: The world is on track to produce a new global climate treaty by December, the top United Nations climate official said Friday as delegates from more than 100 nations concluded 12 days of talks in Bonn, Germany. Read More

Rich Countries Failing in Climate Pledges: India
12 June 09 | AFP
Abstract: India blasted rich countries at the UN climate talks on Thursday, accusing them of snubbing scientists' warnings to slash their emissions of greenhouse gases by 40 percent by 2020 over 1990 levels. Read More

Sulabh Founder Gets Renewable Energy Award in US
12 June 09 | Deccan Herald
Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of Sulabh International that runs public toilets in India, has been awarded the Renewable Energy Award for developing low cost toilet technology to produce energy out of human excreta. Read More

On the Run
12 June 09 | The Statesman | By Arunayan Sharma
Abstract: EVERYDAY we develop new tools and discard old ones. In medicine, electronics, communication and transportation, old-fashioned models have all been replaced by trendier reproductions. Old cars have yielded place to newer ones. But none of these run without fuel. There is, however, only one mode of transportation that hasn't much changed in the past century, or so: the good old rickshaw. It is an environment friendly, cheap mode of transportation and is especially popular in India and South Asia. Read More

India Plans Much Solar Power, Slower Emissions Rise
12 June 09 |
Abstract: India will submit plans within weeks to slow its rise in carbon emissions significantly and to generate more solar power by 2020 than the whole world generates now, a senior climate official said on Thursday. Read More

Paucity of Funds, Land Hinder Progress of JNNURM Projects
12 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: Delay in sanction of funds and hurdles in land acquisition, have affected the progress of projects under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) in Pimpri-Chinchwad. Read More

Gossip and Mistrust Replace Progress at Bonn as Campaigners Fear the US Will Settle for Deal with China
12 June 09 | The Guardian | By David Adam
Abstract: As another set of climate talks wrap up with little outward sign of progress, are the chances of a new global deal to combat the threat of global warming slipping out of reach? Even battle-hardened green campaigners saw few reasons for optimism this week in Bonn. One group was considering whether to simply reissue the same press release about the state of negotiations they sent out last year, partly as a protest at the impasse, but partly because the picture has simply not changed since. Read More

New Building Methods: No-Frills Designs for Homes in a Downturn
12 June 09 | Mint
Abstract: When many of the homes under construction now -during the financial downturn-are ready in two years, they would belong to a new breed of urban living spaces. Smaller and minimalist, with little landscaping, open car parks, and pre-cast walls and ceramic floors replacing marble and vitrified tiles. Read More

US says it Will Not Demand Binding Carbon Cuts from China
12 June 09 | The Guardian
Abstract: Progress towards a global treaty to fight climate change took an important step forward today when the US said it would not demand that China commits to binding cuts of its greenhouse gas emissions. Read More

UN says Bonn Talks are a Step Closer to Copenhagen Climate Treaty
12 June 09 | The Guardian
Abstract: The UN's top climate official today insisted that international talks ending today had made significant progess towards a new treaty on global warming. Read More

China Shakes off Image as Climate Criminal with Green Revolution
11 June 09 | The Guardian | By Isabel Hilton
Abstract: China's intentions to set new and ambitious targets for renewable energy, revealed in the Guardian yesterday might come as a surprise. It is China's dependence on coal that has claimed our attention, and China's status as the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases make its image as a climate change criminal hard to shed. But despite its poor reputation for climate policy, a quiet revolution is underway as China positions itself for a low carbon future. Read More

Prince Charles Presents Ashden Awards for Innovative Environmental Projects
11 June 09 | The Guardian
Abstract: A network of 28 demonstration green "superhomes" and a low-tech greenhouse for growing vegetables in a remote Himalayan region were today presented awards by Prince Charles in an environment competition. Read More

The Nano Home
11 June 09 | The Economist
Abstract: Indian property developers cater to the masses with low-cost housing. Read More

Climate Change Worsens Disaster Risks for Poor: UN
11 June 09 |
Abstract: Climate change will aggravate natural disasters and people in developing nations such as Dominica, Vanuatu, Myanmar and Guatemala are most at risk, a U.N.-backed study showed on Thursday. Read More

Small-Town India Holds the Key
11 June 09 | Business Standard | By Sanjeev Sanyal
India needs to urbanise more quickly and this can be done by making smaller urban centres a magnet for rural migration. Read More

India Should Tap Solar Power for Thermal Plants
11 June 09 | Mint
On a per MW basis, solar power requires less capital expenditure than hydropower and wind power. Read More

Congress Abandoning Obama Clean Energy Goals
11 June 09 | Associated Press
Congress is all but abandoning President Barack Obama's goal of producing fully one-quarter of the nation's electricity from renewable sources - wind, solar and the like - by 2025, though a push for at least some increase is making headway. Read More

Ensure Safe Water
11 June 09 | The Times of India
Industrialization has definitely provided livelihood and opportunities to millions in urban India. However, it has raised the problem of waste disposal, contamination of environment - air, soil, surface water bodies and ground water aquifer, etc.,-- which have resulted in contamination imperiling human beings, livestock and plants. Read More

Climate Change Will Lead to Mass Migration in 40 years
11 June 09 | Mint
In the next four decades, millions of people will be forced to flee rising seas, floods, drought and other climate-induced effects, with the melting Himalayan glaciers particularly putting at risk the biggest irrigation system in the world, says a new report released on Wednesday in Bonn, Germany, at the ongoing United Nations climate change talks. Read More

Govt to Build 10 lakh Affordable Houses at Rs5000cr
11 June 09 | The Times of India
With President Pratibha Patil setting up an ambitious target of making India slum-free in five years, the housing ministry has launched a new scheme - Rajeev Gandhi Awas Yojana with an initial budget of Rs 5,000 crore. It aims to construct 10 lakh affordable houses. Read More

Minister Expresses Concern over Depleting Groundwater Resource
11 June 09 | The Times of India
Experts, on the occasion of Ground Water Day, expressed grave concern over the fast depletion of groundwater level all over the country. They warned that until and unless remedial measures are taken, water crisis would pose a grave danger to the existence of mankind. Read More

New Delhi, Mumbai Not the Best to Live in: Survey
10 June 09 | Hindustan Times
Abstract: New Delhi and Mumbai came out poorly in a survey of top liveable cities with India's capital placed at 114 while Mumbai was ranked 120th. Read More

The Shortage of Middle Managers
10 June 09 | The Wall Street Journal
Abstract: This is a most misunderstood phenomenon. Real estate developers, promoters or authorities in smaller towns and cities think it is about a facility or building. They project the idea that they will build a facility and assume that the service industry will rush in. What has happened in a lot of places is that we make beautiful buildings and wonder why nobody comes and sets up business there. The rate per square foot is mouth-watering but no industry goes there. Read More

China Launches Green Power Revolution to Catch up on West
10 June 09 | The Guardian
China is planning a vast increase in its use of wind and solar power over the next ­decade and believes it can match Europe by 2020, producing a fifth of its energy needs from renewable sources, a senior Chinese official said yesterday. Read More

Lots of Emissions but Few Solutions at Climate Meet
10 June 09 | The Times of India
The Bonn climate change talks are drawing to a close but the real action is yet to begin. Countries are still squabbling over squaring up the bill for climate change mitigation, with insufficient funds and no consensus on where the big bucks will come from. The road from Bonn to Copenhagen where a new protocol is expected at the end of the year looks very long. Read More

Government May Double Size of JNNURM
10 June 09 | Business Standard
The government could double the size of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) as it is close to exhausting the funds allocated to the mission. Read More

City Witnesses Boom in Real Estate Demands
10 June 09 | The Times of India
With the culture of individual houses and palatial bungalows waning fast, the city is adopting the flat culture, which is considered to be safe, secure and useful for social activities, especially for the older generation. It is here that the role of Allahabad Development Authority assumes great significance. Read More

How Govt Can Help Boost Affordable Housing
10 June 09 |
In a discussion with CNBC-TV18, Kumar Gera of Gera Developers and President of realty body Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (Credai) and Brotin Banerjee, MD and CEO of Tata Housing, talk about how real estate developers are expected to benefit ahead. Read More

Report Suggests Water Woes for India
10 June 09 | The New York Times
Unless the Indian government makes serious changes to the way it prices and manages water, increased consumption by the nation's farms, factories and growing population will push drinking water supplies to critical limits by 2050, according to a new report from Grail Research, a market research firm in Cambridge, Mass., that specializes in developing countries. Read More

'We Need a Clean Sheets, Clean Bathrooms Approach': Amitabh Kant
10 June 09 | The Times of India
As Kerala's tourism secretary, Amitabh Kant and his team launched the God's Own Country tourism campaign. Subsequently, as joint secretary, Union tourism ministry, he was also behind the equally successful Incredible India campaign in 2003 that became the key driver of Indian tourism. The author of Branding India: An Incredible Story, talked to Narayani Ganesh. Read More

Wave Energy Taken Aback by Alternatives
09 June 09 | The Wall Street Journal | By Brian Baskin
The technology promises to convert the motion of ocean waves into electricity, potentially unlocking a massive source of clean power to rival wind or solar, without the unpredictability of weather. Backers say ocean power, which uses buoys or other devices to generate energy, will be competitive with other renewable resources in 10 years. Read More

Glory Days May Be Gone For Green Energy
09 June 09 |
Big banks that invested in clean tech for tax breaks no longer have an incentive, and private equity and the government may not fill the void. Read More

China Alone Could Bring World to Brink of Climate Calamity, Claims US Official
09 June 09| The Guardian
China must be far more ambitious in tackling climate change if the international community wants to prevent calamitous levels of global warming, a senior US official told counterparts in Beijing today. Read More

Airlines 'Must Take Initiative' Before Climate-Change Talks, Warns BA Boss
09 June 09 | The Guardian
Leading airlines have warned that they could be punished at the Copenhagen climate change talks this year because the industry has failed to influence environment ministers. Read More

Govt Focuses on Creating Affordable Homes
09 June 09 |
The creation of affordable urban housing will be an area of priority for the new government. To incentivise builders for developing low cost housing in various parts of the country, the government is lining up a series of measures, including, help in acquiring land cheap. Read More

'Position India as an Upmarket Destination': Amitabh Kant
09 June 09 | Business Standard
Abstract: Amitabh Kant, former joint secretary in the ministry of tourism, has come up with his account of the making of Brand India in his recently-released book, Branding India — An Incredible Story. Kant is regarded as ministry of tourism’s point man who steered the Incredible India campaign. He also led, as secretary of tourism in Kerala, the “God’s Own Country” campaign that drew much acclaim. On the day of the book launch, he spoke to Aanand Pandey about Brand India and the future of tourism. Read More

Brighter Days Seen for Solar, Next-Gen Biofuels
08 June 09 | The New York Times
Big changes are afoot in the fledgling alternative-energy industry. As the sector recovers from the 2008 financial market meltdown, insiders look for next-generation biofuels and solar technologies to start joining mainstream energy markets, while wind power continues to lean heavily on government support. Read More

Housing Min May Get Rs 5000-10000 cr in Budget: Sources
08 June 09 |
After president Pratibha Patil announced a new housing scheme to create a slum free India in five years CNBC-TV18 learns that the new scheme could have a large corpus of over Rs 50,000 crore and the Housing Ministry could be allocated Rs 5,000 to 10,000 crore in the Budget. Read More

Amsterdam: A Smart City Goes Live
08 June 09 | Business week
Abstract: The Dutch city's eco-friendly infrastructure has new power hookups for electric cars, solar panels, and household wind turbines. Read More

Surviving As a Woman in Urban India
08 June 09 | Reuters Blogs
Abstract: As I stood waiting for an auto rickshaw near India Gate in New Delhi last December, three big cars slowed down within a quarter of an hour to check me out. They waited for a few minutes and then drove away without anyone getting out. Read More

Modi Seeks A'bad-Mumbai High Speed Corridor Announcement in Railway Budget
08 June 09 | Business Standard
Abstract: Plans to expedite work on A’bad-G’nagar metro rail project. Citing a possibility for "joint development" of two states, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi has sought an announcement of making Ahmedabad-Mumbai as a high speed rail corridor in the upcoming Railway Budget. Read More

Coca-Cola to be Water Positive by 2013
08 June 09 | DNA
Abstract: Coca-Cola India, the soft drink and beverage maker, has set a target of 2013 to become net water positive through recycling and replenishment of its total usage in the country. Read More

Water Tastes Foul, DJB Says it's 'Just Effluents'
08 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: The water you drink has been tasting funny of late? Well, the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) has an explanation. It's because the chloride level in the Yamuna is far more than desirable. Read More

'Hindi-Chini' Still 'Bhai-Bhai' at Climate Meet
08 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: Does the 'Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai' slogan still hold value at the climate negotiations? Or could the Sino-India leadership of the G77+China grouping come undone in the lead up to the crucial climate talks at Copenhagen by the end of 2009? Read More

Gimme Shelter
08 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: The UPA government may be overreaching with its stated intention to make India slum-free in five years, but it is a step in the right direction. Read More

Holy cow! It's Delhi's Urban Cowboys
08 June 09 I The Independent
Abstract: With the Commonwealth Games just around the corner, India's capital city is attempting to clean up its streets. Andrew Buncombe joins the bovine police on patrol. Read More

Changing the Technology Equation
07 June 09 | Business Standard | By Jyoti Parikh
Abstract: Climate change negotiators have gathered this week for the Bonn meeting which serves as the preparatory meeting for the Copenhagen meeting in December 2009. Large developing countries like India, China and Brazil are under pressure to reduce greenhouse (GHG) emissions even though their per capita emissions are small compared to the developed countries. For India and Brazil, the emissions are much lower than the world’s per capita average. For example in 2005, the total CO2 emissions for India, China, the US and the world were: 1.1, 5.1, 5.8 and 27.1 billion tonnes respectively, whereas their per capita emissions in the same order are 1, 3.8, 19.6 and 4.2 tonnes. Read More

On a Short Fuse
07 June 09 | The Hindu
Abstract: The consequences of global warming will affect everyone, rich and poor. But the poor will have to bear the greater burden. Even if we hold that others have brought on this crisis, surely we need to ensure that we do not add to the problem. Read More

West Not Playing its Part to Tackle Climate Change: India
07 June 09 | The Economic Times
Abstract: Industrialized countries are nowhere near meeting their legal obligations to combat climate change and are trying to muddy the waters by saying the global problem cannot be tackled unless developing countries do more, says Shyam Saran, India's chief negotiator at the climate treaty talks. Read More

Metro Rail for GIFT City
07 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: The dialogue between metro king E Sreedharan and Chief Minister Narendra Modi at the Bombardier function in Savli has once again sparked off the possibility of a metro rail for GIFT city Ahmedabad-Dholera (SIR). Read More

India Should Manufacture Equipment of N-industry: Kakodkar
07 June 09 | Business Standard
Abstract: The Indian private industries who are keen to participate in the large growth of civil nuclear power programme in the country should immediately concentrate on the manufacturing of equipments to become a major N-supply chain provider and later even exporters, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, Dr Anil Kakodkar said.  Read More

Building on ‘Green Savings’
07 June 09 | The Hindu Business Line
Green buildings initiative is helping conserve power and water, and boosting quality without compromising on comfort. Read More

NTPC marks Rs 1,750 cr for renewable energy
06 June 09 | DNA
NTPC will spend about Rs 1,500-1,750 crore in the next three years to install a renewable energy capacity of 250 mw, said R S Sharma, chairman and managing director. Read More

Here's How the Slum-Free India Scheme Will Work
06 June 09 |
Abstract: President Pratibha Patil has promised a slum-free India in five years and a new urban housing scheme, involving big bucks, to fulfill that promise. Read More

Delhiites March on World Environment Day
06 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: Scores of activists undertook a march on Friday to raise awareness on World Environment Day. Read More

UK Set to Cut Carbon Emissions 23 per cent by 2010
05 June 09 | The Guardian
: Britain is on course to cut its greenhouse gas by about 23 percent by 2010 from the 1990 level -- nearly double its target under the Kyoto agreement, the Department of Energy and Climate Change said on Friday. Read More

Climate Change to Raise a $340 bn Bill a year in 20 years
05 June 09 | The Economic Times
About 300,000 people, more than the death toll for an Indian Ocean tsunami, die from climate-related changes annually. The world’s poorest nations face an economic cost of $125 billion, more than the total amount of world aid from rich to developing nations, and 325 million people are hit, says a damning report that called for global governments to scale up multilateral funding for developing countries to adapt to climate change a 100 times. Read More

A Climate of Change, Finally
05 June 09 | The Hindu Business Line
Open the United Nations Environment Programme’s Web site and go to the page that deals with the World Environment Day. You will come across a ‘Do Something Daily’ tip — simple things you can do to protect the environment. One such message reads: “When you need a pad for lists and messages, turn over an old document and write on the back of that instead.” Simple, yet thought provoking. Read More

China Commentary Chides Rich Nations on Climate Change
05 June 09 |
China's official news agency has accused rich countries of shirking their duty to fight climate change and seeking to divide developing countries, warning that negotiations for a new global climate pact face deep disputes. Read More

Could India Become a Solar Leader?
05 June 09 | The New York Times
Abstract: India may be gearing to turn itself into the global leader in solar power generation, a sign that major developing nations could become renewable energy hubs to rival Germany and the United States. Called the National Solar Mission, the Indian plan outlines a target for 20,000 megawatts of solar capacity by 2020, according to a draft copy obtained by Greenpeace and posted to the Web. Read More

Three In One Solution
05 June 09 | The Times of India I Vinod Thomas and Mohan Munasinghe
Abstract: The economic crisis has quickly relegated global warming and global poverty once reliable headline generators down the list of priorities. But it is a mistake to think that governments should triage, that is, deal with poverty and the environment only after they have put the financial crisis behind us. Read More

Go Green: Latest Corporate Buzzword
05 June 09 | The Times of India
Abstract: Going green is the new corporate buzzword. In recent months, several companies have taken steps towards creating a more environment-friendly business model and raising global awareness over ecological concerns. However, green activists are far from impressed. Read More

'India Suffers Most from Global Warming'
05 June 09 | DNA
Abstract: Environment vs development, and the twain shall ne'er meet. On World Environment Day, an eminent panel delves into the conflict and the scenario of climate change. Read More

India Can Push for Climate Change Globally
05 June 09 | The Times of India
There are a score of reasons why catastrophic developments such as climatic changes, which the UN has chosen to focus on World Environment Day on June 5, 2009, are taking place. More than 6 billion people inhabiting Planet Earth with wide-ranging requirements like food, water, fuel, shelter and transport -- in addition to generous consumption of paper, plastic, rubber and steel for their daily existence -- could indeed be a mind-boggling operation, triggering varied impacts such as climatic change and global warming. Read More

Environ Reports Set to Become More Realistic
05 June 09 | The Times of India
The city environment status reports (ESRs), which so far have largely been mere documents with just compilation of data, are set to become realistic and emerge as quality documents from now on. What's more, a methodology based on environment performance indicators is to be applied so that the cities can be ranked based on their overall environmental performance. Read More

Green Hurdles in Infrastructure Projects to go
05 June 09 | The Times of India
The President's speech on Thursday indicated that the government was increasingly finding environmental concerns a roadblock in pushing its growth mantra. "Bottlenecks and delays in implementation of infrastructure projects because of policies and procedures, especially in railways, power, highways, ports, airports and rural telecom, will be systematically removed," President Pratibha Patil said. Read More

Home Stretch for Urban Poor
05 June 09 | The Times of India
The newly-elected UPA government plans to take a slew of measures to uplift the living conditions of the poor in fast-expanding cities. A major thrust on affordable housing is on the cards, President Pratibha Devisingh Patil said on Thursday. Read More

What Ails Our Solar Business
05 June 09 | The Asian Age
Abstract: Germany receives roughly half the sunshine that India does. And yet, Germany is the biggest solar market in the world accounting for more than 31 per cent of the total global market. India has less than one per cent! Read More

Time to Get Our Act Together
05 June 09 | Hindustan Times
Chairman of The Energy Resources Institute, TERI, Rajendra Kumar Pachauri is universally acknowledged as the high priest of environmental issues in India. Chitrangada Choudhury met him to discuss the range of ecological challenges the new government needs to tackle head on. Read More

Will India be Slum Free in 5 years?
05 June 09 | The Economic Times
UPA government on Thursday adopted an ambitious target of making India slum-free in five years with President Pratibha Patil announcing the launch of a special housing scheme for urban poor and slum-dwellers. Read More

Government Dreams Slum-Free India with Scheme for 62 mn People
05 June 09 |
If the Manmohan Singh government's ambitious plan for a "slum free" India, as announced by President Pratibha Patil in parliament Thursday, becomes a reality some 62 million-plus people living in the country's urban shanties will have a home of their own. Read More

Urban Conversations
04 June 09 | Mint
The system is normally good but it is a bunch of unscrupulous individuals who give a bad name to it. Read More

The Other Kind of Solar Power
04 June 09 | The Economist
Think of solar power, and you probably think of photovoltaic panels. But there is another way to make electricity from sunlight, which arguably has even brighter prospects. Read More

Building the Smart Grid
04 June 09 | The Economist
Around the world billions of dollars are being invested in clean-energy technologies of one sort or another, from solar arrays and wind turbines to electric cars. But there is a problem lurking in the power grid that links them together. Read More

Barack Obama Seeks US-Chinese Deal on Global Warming
04 June 09 | The Guardian
The Obama administration said yesterday that it was pursuing a joint US-Chinese deal on action against global warming to help push the rest of the world towards a global agreement on cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Read More

No Climate Change Fix without New Land Use, Farming Policies
04 June 09 |
Abstract: The world cannot effectively address climate change without altering our relationship with soil, the world’s third largest carbon pool, according to a new report. Read More

Cisco to Invest $2 billion in Modi's GIFT
04 June 09 | Business Standard
Coming out of the shadows after almost a year, the contours of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious Rs 73,000-crore Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) project have started emerging in a big way. The state government has roped-in American networking and technology giant Cisco Systems as one of its strategic partners. Read More

Cisco Inks Pact with GIFT to Build World-Class City
04 June 09 | The Times of India
Gujarat International Finance Tec-city Company Limited (GIFT) and Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Limited on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Cisco, the California-based networking and communications technology service provider. Read More

Everybody Loves Green
04 June 09 | The Asian Age
Increasing greenhouse gas concentrations resulting from fossil fuel and deforestation are said to be responsible for global warming since the middle of the 20th century. Read More

Waste Soon to Managed Door-to-Door
04 June 09 | The Times of India
Cardinal principle of life science says energy can never be destroyed but it gets converted from one form to another. Going by it, an integrated solid waste management (ISWM) project has been started in the city. The project, funded under JNNURM, will see the qualitative value products being re-cycled out of waste both degradable and non-degradable. The garbage collection will be done from the door of each house in the Kanpur city and dumped at the selected spot. Read More

Housing Industry May Get a Boost
04 June 09 | The Times of India
The Comprehensive development plan (CDP) of the city is on the verge of being approved by the state government. This will revitalize the housing industry in the city, which had fallen into a rut over the past three years, as builders were awaiting the CDP in its final form, said K C Naik, president-elect of Mangalore branch of Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Association of India (CREDAI) here on Wednesday. Read More

Relentless March of Concrete
04 June 09 | The Times of India
Greater Mumbai's concrete jungle has grown thicker at the cost of its green cover. In 1926, a measly 77.88 sq km of the city was built-up area, or 17.78% of Mumbai's total 438 sq km. By 1992, the figure shot up to 246.16 sq km, or 50.96% of the total. Read More

State Will Appoint Panel to Control Urbanisation
03 June 09 | Hindustan Times
Abstract: The state government proposes to regulate haphazard urbanisation across the state by developing bigger cities and towns in a planned manner. To execute its plan, the state government will now have area development authorities in every district. Read More

Megacities Attract: Urban Challenge for Water Management
03 June 09 | Harvard International Review | By Olli Varis
Abstract: Twenty years ago, the world’s megacities, defined by the United Nations as urban agglomerations with over 5 million inhabitants, housed 308 million people—6 percent of the world’s population at that time. Now, this number is estimated to be 520 million people, which is 9 percent of all humans. Read More

US, G-77 Countries Differ Over Investment in Green Technology
03 June 09 | Mint
Abstract: Countries are expected to make additions to the draft before beginning the task of cutting deals, weeding out proposals and sharpening the text into a consensus document. Read More

UK must take 'Moral Lead' on Climate Aid, say MPs
03 June 09 | The Guardian
The international development committee urges UK government to find new funds for poor countries to adapt to severe storms, floods and droughts. Read More

Addressing Urban Poverty
03 June 09 | The Hindu
India’s inequalities are more glaring in its urban areas. The country’s urban poor, according to Planning Commission estimates, number 80 million and constitute 25.70 per cent of the urban population. Read More

Allotment of Low-Cost Flats Under JNNURM on the Anvil
03 June 09 | The Economic Times
With the elections over, the much-awaited allotment of low-cost flats constructed here under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) for the poor is likely to kick off within the next two months. Read More

Solar Power Subsidy May Prove Expensive
03 June 09 | Mint
A proposal that suggests a Rs24,000 crore annual subsidy for 20 years to promote solar power could undermine India’s position at the international climate control talks. Read More

China to Invest $14.6 Billion in Wind Power by 2010
02 June 09 I
Abstract: China, the world’s second-biggest energy consumer, will invest about 100 billion yuan ($14.6 billion) to more than double its wind power capacity by 2010 from last year, a government official said. Read More

Clean Water First: Economic Planning in India
02 June 09 I The New York Times | By Edward L. Glaeser
Abstract: It isn’t wise to start teaching children calculus before they have mastered long division, and it is not prudent to begin long division until addition and subtraction are, more or less, under control. Read More

Bright Lights, Dim Policy
02 June 09 I Hindustan Times | P.P. Chaudhuri
Abstract: It is politically incorrect to say, but the Indian government is doing much to prop up its farmers. In the long run, this is going to hurt both — them and the country as a whole. Read More

Why it is Greener to Dump Your old Computer than Donate it
02 June 09 I The Guardian
Abstract: The claim that donating old computers to charity is the greenest option is just wrong. Read More

Obama to Stake Political Prestige on Passing US Climate Bill
02 June 09 I The Guardian
Abstract: Congressional leaders working against a six-month deadline to pass a sweeping package of environmental legislation before global climate change talks begin in Copenhagen in December. Read More

U.S. Climate Bill Best Bet to take Enviro Lead: Chu
02 June 09 I
Abstract: The U.S. climate change bill making its way through Congress is the best legislative bet to help the country take the lead in tackling global warming on the world stage, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said on Monday. Read More

US Must Aid India Energy Sector to Prevent it Cosying to Iran
02 June 09 I Business Standard
Abstract: The US should help India increase its share of nuclear and renewable energy to prevent it from entering into a deal for gas with Iran, an American security analyst has said, terming the recent Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline deal as a "diplomatic setback". Read More

Have a Clear Green Policy
02 June 09 | Economic Times
Better late than not at all. Now that the United Nations mandated global climate change talks are set to begin this week in Bonn, India needs to have a clear-cut domestic green policy in place without further delay. Read more

The $10 Billion Attack
02 June 09 | Business Standard | By Vandana Gombar
It is always good to know of some real progress in the power sector where only daily power cuts and capacity addition delays make the headlines. There finally seem to be some serious signs of an attack on the biggest problem facing this sector — transmission and distribution losses — which eat up over a third of the power generated in the country. Read more

A Recession Breathes Life
01 June 09 | The Economist
Abstract: WHEN glam rockers T-Rex released the song “Children of the Revolution” in 1972, the revolution they had in mind was not America’s Clean Air Act. But two economists later calculated that about 1,300 extra one-year-old Americans were trying to stand up and walk at the end of that year. These babes survived because the 1970 law led them (and their mothers) to breathe in fewer sooty particles than they otherwise would have. Read more

Coping With Climate Change
01 June 09 | The Hindu
The effects of climate change on health are likely to be significant. Managing the challenge will greatly depend on an effective adaptation mechanism being drawn up at the United Nations climate change conference to be held in Copenhagen later this year. Read more

Set Right Our City Blights
01 June 09 | Hindustan Times | By K.C. Sivaramakrishnan
According to the 2001 Census, the urban population in the country is about 27 per cent. A simple assumption is that this percentage will be reflected in the composition of the Lok Sabha. But this is not the case. Read more

India says US Domestic Policy Crucial to Climate Deal
01 June 09 | Reuters
U.S. domestic policy on curbing carbon emissions is crucial for a global climate deal this year, a top Indian negotiator said on Monday, adding rich countries also had to provide a commitment on funding for poorer nations. Read more

Life Beyond The Metros
01 June 09 | The Wall Street Journal
This started as a quickie request to speak for a seminar on markets beyond the major cities: India beyond the Metros. Read more

People in Large Cities Earn More But Save Much Less
01 June 09 | Mint
If India’s top 112 cities are classified into metros, state capitals and other cities, we see that metros on an average have the lowest savings rate and highest per capita income. Read more

8 Indian Cities Among World's 25 Riskiest Offshoring Locations
01 June 09 | The Economic Times
Abstract: India may have been hailed for long as the world's top outsourcing destination, but a new study has named as many as eight cities in the country among the world's 25 riskiest places for offshoring, mainly on concerns like terrorism, pollution and geopolitical issues. Read More

Free Fall in Rentals May Have Ended In Tier-I Cities
01 June 09 | The Economic Times
Abstract: The rental space in India — especially in tier-I cities — which had lost its sheen in the ongoing economic slump is set to regain some of its shimmer as the rental value slide slows down. The average commercial and residential rental values that have been in a free fall as a result of economic turmoil may not see a steep correction unlike last year, say analysts. Though the demand for rented property fared poorly in the first three months of 2009, it was a shade better than the previous quarter. Read More


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