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UHF Events

Creating Gurgaon's Soul
Umesh Anand, Publisher, Civil Society, elaborates the importance of good governance for driving urbanisation at the UHF Consultation on 'Creating Gurgaon's Soul'.

Creating Gurgaon's Soul
Rajat Ray, Dean, Sushant School of Art and Architecture, pointed out the urban design flaws in Gurgaon that render it soulless, in his presentation at the UHF Consultation on 'Creating Gurgaon's Soul'.

Shaping the Cities of our Future (Part 1) (Part 2)
Kiran Karnik, President, India Habitat Centre, elucidated the need for realising better, and liveable spaces at the UHF Symposium on 'Shaping the Cities of our Future'.

              Urban Voices

Scintillating Cityscapes
By National Geographic
Duration: 1:06 min

A selection of some of National Geographic's favourite photos of urban environments, submitted to My Shot by National Geographic readers.

Towards Clean Cities: Addressing Sanitation in Urban India
By the Water and Sanitation Programme
Duration: 8:02 min

The film advocates the need for a holistic approach to urban sanitation -- instead of focusing on fragmented approaches to the sanitation problem in urban areas, an approach which looks at creating open defecation free cities is advocated.

Rural and Urban Development: India’s Dual Imperatives
By WEF India Economic Summit 2007
Duration: 76:46 min

With half of the world now living in cities, India too faces the challenge of stemming massive migration from rural communities, where 70% of the population currently lives. What plans will ensure the sustainable growth of urban areas?

The Politics of Water
By WEF Davos Annual Meeting 2009
Duration: 59:46 min

With water at the centre of the food-energy-climate nexus, its scarcity will soon enter mainstream economics and politics. Will it take a crisis to trigger policy reform?
Cities in Global Context
By Urban Age India Conference 2007
(Part 1 Dur: 7:51 min) (Part 2 Dur: 6:29 min) (Part 3 Dur: 6:53 min)
Saskia Sassen, Lynd Professor of Sociology and Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University, NY, presents "Cities in a Global Context," from the Urban Age India conference in Mumbai, 2-3 November 2007.

4 Degrees Warmer: Great Cities Wash Away
By National Geographic
Duration: 2:36 min

This video paints a picture of a new world which is warmer by four degrees.

Built to Last
By John Paget and First+Main Media
Duration: 2:55 min

This short film explores the connection between New Urbanism and environmental issues. It won the Congress for New Urbanism CNU 17 video contest.
Future of India’s Cities
By Urban Age India Conference 2007
(Part 1 Dur: 6:39 min) (Part 2 Dur: 5:47 min) (Part 3 Dur: 8:54 min)
Amitabh Kundu, Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, presents on "The Future of India's Cities," from the Urban Age India conference in Mumbai, 2-3 November 2007.

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