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January 2010

Janmarg takes Ahmedabad to elite global club
January 14, 2010
Abstract: The city's Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) - the Ahmedabad Janmarg - is the first such project from a South Asian city to win the prestigious Sustainable Transport Award. In fact, it is the first project of its kind from any city in South Asia to be ever nominated for the international prize. Read More

Green house in effect?
January 14, 2010
Abstract: The state Environment Ministry is actively discussing a bill to deny occupation and conveyance certificates to all new constructions in the state after April 1 if they do not meet green standards. Read More

Environmental index: State in 'medium sustainable' class
January 14, 2010
Abstract: An Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI) that maps the ability of States to remain ecologically sustainable while pursuing development has ranked Tamil Nadu in "medium sustainable" category. Read More

Planned cities have all the answers
January 14, 2010
Abstract: City Planning is about how we plan for and make decisions about the future of our cities. Have the rules of the game changed now with increased urbanism? Read More

An urban nightmare
January 13, 2010
Abstract: As India enters 2010, with 1.3 million passenger cars storming its roads annually, it is faced with one of the biggest nightmares to its urban existence: a virtually unsurmountable parking problem. Read More

Growing urbanisation brings business risks
January 13, 2010
Abstract: The growing drift of people into cities from rural areas has been a key factor in the increasing modernisation of developing countries. But although urbanisation is crucial to a nation's economic growth and development, it also brings with it increasing risks to businesses. Read More

MCD to get Rs 502 crore; nod for Rs 1436 crore JNNURM projects
January 13, 2010
Abstract: As Delhi prepares to host the Commonwealth Games this year, the MCD today said the Central government has sanctioned projects costing Rs 1436.32 crore for infrastructure development in the city under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. Read More

Urban population outpacing urban development
January 12, 2010
Abstract: The main thrust of this (JnNURM) mission has been provision of housing and civic amenities to urban poor/slum dwellers, in addition to city-wide infrastructure facilities. Read More

The life of cities
January 12, 2010
Abstract: Cities, which already host half the world's population, are predicted to absorb nearly all of the growth of population over the next three decades. The concentration of humanity in relatively small spaces brings with it enormous environmental challenges, particularly in the low-income and middle-income countries. Read More

One fourth of urban Indians live in slums
January 11, 2010
Abstract: Around one fourth of India population living in 640 major cities and towns in the country is living in slums as per the Census data, which was enumerated in 2001. The number of Indians living in slums was around 42.6 million in 2001. Read More

A water-less future
January 10
Abstract: Water wars are not a figment of sci-fi imagination. Access to water will define the gap between the rich and the poor… Read More

Running dry
January 10
Abstract: That the city of Mumbai suffers from water problems is not new - for years, an enduring Mumbai picture has been queues of people surrounded by buckets and jerry cans waiting for the municipal tap to start flowing. But this year, the failure of one monsoon has shown just how dire the situation is. Water supply has been cut by 15 per cent. A weekly 100 per cent cut is being considered. Frantic efforts are on to buy water from the state government and to divert water from other sources into the city. Read More

Slum dwellers can move into new houses by March
January 10
Abstract: Of 2,788 houses under Package-1, 2,000 will be completed by March and the remaining by June. In view of this, the Mysore City Corporation, the nodal agency for the JnNURM, is allotting the houses starting Monday. The beneficiaries identified will get to know which house they will be moving into by way of the lottery system. The beneficiaries will themselves pick the chits. Read More

IT-enabled waste management proves beneficial
January 9, 2010
Abstract: After the successful trial run for initially 100 garbage transport vehicles in the city (Jaipur) for few months it has shown some heartening results so far speedy lifting of garbage is concerned. Read More

Perils of ignoring pedestrian issues
January 7, 2010
Abstract: Only a fraction of the time and space devoted to automobile sales, vehicle industry health and the sex appeal of new machines is devoted to pedestrian safety in the mass media. Read More

Are our cities ready for e-governance?
January 7, 2010
Abstract: The mid-term appraisal of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan (Eleventh Plan) is currently under way. The Planning Commission is assessing in detail the performance of the economy as well as the performance of individual sectors in relation to the targets set in the 11th Plan. Chapter 11 of the Eleventh Plan is on urban infrastructure, basic services and poverty alleviation. Read More

World Bank keen to aid solar mission
January 7, 2010
Abstract: The World Bank is keen to become part of India's National Solar Mission and has offered end-to-end solutions-from conceptualisation to funding-for the implementation of the ambitious power generation capacity addition envisaged by the government under the programme. Read More

Planning with eyes shut?
January 6
Abstract: The city development plan (CDP) of Varanasi submitted with the JNNURM lacks the required survey and understanding of the present ground realities. Of course, the report recognises the process of CDP - being a multi-disciplinary platform- includes various stakeholders who work for the development of the city, as they know the city better and are responsible citizens and their views are important at every step in preparing the CDP. Read More

Coming: Huge hike in civic taxes
January 6
Abstract: Giving a complete break to the proud tradition of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to make public all subjects on the agenda in its crucial meetings well in advance, municipal commissioner Mahesh Zagade did manage to sneak in a proposal to hike property, water and other taxes by a whopping 22 per cent, before the standing committee, only to be told that it would consider it only at a special meeting to be held sometime later. Read More

Urban poor get homes as New Year gift
January 1, 2010
Abstract: the Varanasi Development Authority (VDA) constructed 1,500 houses for urban poor near the Central Jail. The district administration identified the beneficiaries and a list of 1,425 beneficiaries including 113 handicapped, 478 widows and 834 general poor was finalised. Read More


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